Liquidation Strategy & Funding Mechanism

The $SHARE on SOLANA token protocol is programmed to raise funds at specific market cap valuations. As $SHARE grows, so do the fund sizes and the impact. These funds are owned by holders and managed by the Share Foundation.

$SHARE’s protocol hinges on the belief that a percentage of the token’s liquidity is more valuable when deployed into a revenue-generating business that fuels positive impact rather than sitting still. This new standard incentivizes long-term holding for increased community and individual value while respecting investor funds. Your money, your token.

Share’s liquidation strategy is designed to ensure price stability and community trust. Once a market cap milestone is reached, one of the Impact Fund's wallets will trigger a limit order to liquidate the established token amount, which will raise the fund's capital. The limit order will be set over a long enough time period and with a price minimum that equates to the value of the token price at the milestone’s market cap.

If the price of $SHARE ever dips below the one equivalent to the market cap milestone, the liquidation process will automatically halt and resume once the price recovers above the milestone line. This ensures three things:

  1. Guarantees minimal price impact upon liquidation.

  2. Guarantees that target fund values are met.

  3. Guarantees minimal sell pressure on the token.

The progress of each fund’s liquidation will be regularly announced through Share’s official channels, along with official links to transactions.

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