Investments and Eligibility

The SHARE Foundation reserves the right to provide funding to organizations, businesses, and individuals, regardless of incorporation status. Both non-profit organizations and for-profit entities, as well as individuals, will be evaluated for funding as long as there’s a potential to generate value back for the Share Ecosystem.

With the responsibility of filtering the ecosystem’s deal flow, the Share Foundation must ensure that a potential funding recipient meets preliminary requirements before being presented as an option to the $SHARE community. These requirements remain agnostic of recipient type and focus on presenting the community with projects that are trustworthy and operationally viable.

The Share Foundation’s review process focuses on three factors:

  1. Transparency Investment recipients must show a track record of transparent and ethical practices. An organization’s mission, history, and impact will be evaluated when providing funding. Additionally, their willingness to open up their financial model and team for the Share team’s review will play an essential role in establishing a trustworthy professional relationship.

  2. Efficiency The Share Foundation operates with a direct-to-impact approach. Investment recipients must have a specific roadmap that shows how funds will be utilized and the impact it is directed towards. Additionally, investment recipients must be willing to adopt cash flow implementations that allow for revenue to be fed back into $SHARE.

  3. Accountability Investment recipients must prove that their mission and operations ultimately create a positive impact. Recipients must have the capacity to quantify, measure, and track such impact, to be shared within the SHARE ecosystem. Each project that gets presented to the community will, in some capacity, offer a service/product that will enhance the human experience.

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