The Sharing Economy

The Share ecosystem leverages a circular economy by weaving together tokenization, DeFi, and real-world infrastructure. The model’s strength focuses on its ability to better withstand the volatility of the overall crypto market by virtue of its real-world cash-flow generating investments. The Share Foundation’s returns are contingent on the performance of its investments into real-world assets, which are all operating in basic human need verticals (water, energy, healthcare, education), thus guaranteeing a consistent level of usage.

This model was designed to put the decentralized $SHARE community in a favorable position to have ownership of basic human need infrastructure. This dynamic stems from the economic/philosophical belief that infrastructures of this nature must be helmed by communities that are united exclusively to do good and not controlled by private interests.

This circular economy begins and ends within the crypto realm as it is the only way to ensure the level of transparency, efficiency, and accountability required to execute it at scale.

At the moment, these are the three entities used to manage the Share Ecosystem’s governance, cash flow, and capital returns:

$SHARE Tokens

Token holders own the fund and its behavior. By fueling the engine that provides the liquidity to make investments and ultimately stimulate the entire ecosystem, this is the stakeholder that sits at the top, as the following two entities can’t operate without its approval.

The Share Foundation

As the custodian of the Impact Fund token allocation, the Foundation empowers the token’s capital to have a legal and recognized presence in the traditional financial system. It is essential for the Share community to have an entity that can participate in revenue share agreements, equity raises, and other types of FIAT liquidity events. Through its trustees (The Share team), the Foundation has the responsibility to vet the technologies and development proposals for each project proposed for funding. Through careful consideration and support from strategic partners and advisors, those projects that showcase the greatest transparency and multivariate approach to impact will be selected as potential recipients to ultimately be voted on by the $SHARE community for funding. Lastly, the Foundation is the entity responsible for receiving the FIAT returns generated from the fund’s investments and distributing their value back to the $SHARE community.

Investment Recipients

The recipients will have the responsibility of executing the projects they proposed to the $SHARE community. Each capital deployment will include legal materials that outline the exact responsibilities and expectations of the parties involved. A capital deployment from the Share Foundation is much more than a simple transaction. Each investment establishes a partnership with the recipient that will be constantly analyzed and refined for the sake of maximum impact.

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